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Almost every person is held back from being his or her best by fear

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of success
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of acceptance
  • Fear of public speaking
  • Fear of becoming wealthy
  • Fear of independence
  • Fear of action or in-action
  • Fear of being different from others
  • Fear of taking risks, in business, family, children and health

    We study how your fears are formed and show you that fear is nothing more than a belief.  By changing that belief, you can transform your fears into a tool that you can use to achieve any goal you desire.  We finish up the seminar by walking on a 1200 degree bed of hot coals.  The fire is used to stimulate fear.  When you are able to generate enough positive energy, self confidence, belief, and use your inner power to walk on fire, all other challenges in your life just do not seem as imposing.  This is a lesson you will NEVER forget!

    The Firewalk differs from other extreme confrontations with fear such as parachuting or bungee jumping because in those events one's trust is placed in technology. In the firewalk one has to trust entirely in oneself and it is that quality which makes the firewalk a truly transformational experience.

    Firewalking acts as a catalyst for change.   It teaches a valuable lesson about the power of the mind, and the effect that our thoughts and beliefs have on our experience of reality.   It gives us a real taste of human potential and demonstrates how incredibly powerful you truly are. And most importantly, it shows that by controlling your focus you can overcome, manage and channel the energy of fear into a positive force instead of a paralizing force and this focus can be used in any and all kinds of life's daily situations.

    When you can walk on fire without experiencing pain and without burning yourself many other possibilities open up for you.  Self imposed physical and emotional barriers fall away.  You feel more confident, more alive, you realize that you can do anything you beleive you can do!
    Walking on fire is really about turning doubt into determination, turning negative emotions into positive emotions, turning fear into belief in yourself.

    To walk safely through fire, you must transform fear into positive energy. When you learn to do this, every other aspect of your life is affected.  You learn that positive and negative emotions are like a switch that you have control over.  Why make things difficult when you can make them easy?  Consequently, difficult situations become easier to handle. You have new energy to make important decisions, take new directions, and to cope with changes and transitions. You'll experience a number of breakthroughs. You'll have a new understanding when approaching difficult projects and tasks. You can use the lessons of the fire walk to overcome many long-standing personal obstacles to health and happiness, creative expression and peak performance.
     The Seminar:

    In our seminars we first examine how our fears and limiting beliefs are created.  You will learn how YOU create your own reality and can change it just as easily.
    The seminar is broken up into lessons.  Each lesson has an associated "extreme" activity that dramatically drives home the point of the lesson.  We build upon each lesson until you understand how incredibly powerful you are.   We then conclude our session by walking barefoot over a 1200-degree bed of coals.   When you do this, you learn that you can overcome any obstacle.

    Are you ready for one of the most intense, life changing, experiences of your life? 

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