This is a high level overview about how to make a prosthetic hook using carbon fiber cloth over a metal core.

If you have need for a prosthesis please, please, please by all means go to a specialist and let them help you out.  I did just that and got a person who truly cared, listened to my concerns and did the best that he could for me. 

I suffered an amputation of my last three fingers.  I have full use of my thumb and index finger so I am not technically considered handicapped.  I have been told that I am considered to have 80% use of my hand.  However by missing three fingers I do not have grip strength or the ability to hold on with one hand.  I wanted a prosthesis that would allow my to lift weights and water ski again.  The very first attempt by the prosthesis specialist came very close to filling this need.  He told me that the hardest part is figuring out how to attach any prosthesis and it may take a couple of try's to get it right.  The hook they made me worked OK for lifting weights but the first time I tried it for water skiing, it popped off of my hand and sunk to the bottom of the lake.  That was the end of  my $1500 hook.

I am a handy person and had read about doing fiberglass lay up so thought I make a hook for a lot less and get it EXACTLY like I wanted it.   I was very proud of my first attempt and took to the prothesis people to do the straps for me.  He was impressed with the quality of the work and installed straps for me.  The hook was terrible and did not work well at all.  I am currently using my third attempt and it works GREAT!  I was able to get up on water skis for first time since my amputation.

But I think I can do better and am working on my fourth hook.

.  Enough about me if you think you want to try this, read on.

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