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Once in a while, something comes along that marks a moment we remember as having forever changed our life…..

Firewalking is one of the oldest human rituals on the planet. In every culture around the world, people have used Firewalking as a means of healing and purifying their communities and themselves. Firewalking, next to prayer is one of the oldest transformational tools the world has ever known.

Firewalking is used as a tool to help us see our self-created limitations. The message conveyed by Firewalking is that you can do anything you decide to do.

Firewalking is NOT about mind over matter, it is mind IN matter.  Your mind dictates how your body will respond in any situation.  A prime example is when you are embarrassed, your face flushes and you start to sweat – not because you want to, but because your mind is controlling your body!  Martial Artist recognize that the most important part of breaking cement blocks, is to KNOW that you can do it.

According to Andrew Weil M.D.: “..Firewalking demonstrates how, through non-ordinary states of consciousness, we can modify our body’s response to ordinary harmful external stimulation.  What does this mean?  Well, if you don’t have to experience pain, redness, and blisters on exposure to hot red-hot coals, then you don’t have to get infections on exposure to germs, allergies on exposure to allergens, cancer on exposure to carcinogens.  What a largely uncharted territory in which to discover powerful new techniques to bolster natural resistance to disease!”
For a more detailed disscussion see my article in InnerChange Magazine

What is Firewalk-NC and what can it do for me??

The Seminar consists of many challenges that help you to recognize how incredibly powerful you are.   You will gain new self confidence, Motivation and Focus, you will then be  more able to take control of your life. 

Based in the RTP and serving North Carolina and Virginia, is a motivational and confidence building seminar that you will never forget !

To learn more about our seminar and what to expect see Page 2  

Introducing the Firewalk NC seminar by Ucandoit inc. Based in the RTP Area of North Carolina.  Chief instructor, John Anderson F.I.R.E. Certified fire walk instructor trained by Tolly Burkan the father of the Firewalking movement.
Firewalking is potentially very dangerous. Any information given within this site is solely for informational purposes. Under no circumstances should you firewalk without the supervision of a trained firewalking professional. Should you do so, you are accepting full responsibility for your consequences and actions.  

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